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toledotim59 asked: Have you ever thought about growing out your pubic hair for a shoot? I really like that look lately and think it would look amazing on your natural body!


No, I haven’t. I have nothing against pubic hair but I don’t want it and don’t think it would look attractive on me, especially a large quantity. Not to mention it would take forever to do and coupled with having my hair natural now, it’s honestly an incredibly fetishized view of a Black woman (like a 70s porn formula on overdrive).

Again, this is not to say I’m against girls who have pubic hair. I personally do not want to grow mine out because I know exactly the connotation people will place on my photos because of it. And let me be frank, I’m not going to be the internet’s fucking “jungle girl.” I’ve already seen the way my image is abused and I’m not going to put up with an entire other spectrum of it.

A “photographer” asked me to do so for money a few months ago and actually got pissed off that I wouldn’t grow my pubic hair out for him and his strip tease video project and I think everyone should understand something right now.

If a woman doesn’t want to have pubic hair, or does, it is not anyone’s choice but hers. And more importantly, I’m not going to entertain anyone else asking/telling me about my body and what they would like to see on me. It’s completely not up for debate and not a thing that can be compromised by offers of any amount of money or anything like that.

So thank you for the ask, but this is the last time I will speak on this.